Boho & Snow 10 days away

Boho & Snow 10 days away

This is by far the biggest event I've hosted to date, besides my own Surprise Wedding which my husband and I (Renata and Mama too!) planned in less than 6 weeks.

Why Boho & Snow? Honestly, my inspiration came from a day of Volunteering for Tristan's class. I was one of the parent volunteers last year when his grade 4 class went to Fort Edmonton Park. The entire place is magical if you've never been, I highly recommend going and spending a full day there.  But boy-oh-boy, when I walked into that Capitol Theatre I just wished time travel was an actual option. 

I had a couple of spots on site in the back of my mind as options, but when I looked it up online, they weren't renting out the Theatre. Then, I saw the Moonlite Holiday Capsule by California MoonRise. I knew I had to beg and plead. 

Fast forward. We have secured the venue. We've secured a rockin' 20's jazz band, not just any band, a 17 piece BIG BAND ~ The Capital City Big Band

We've hired professional dancers who will show you how to do the Charleston, Texas Tommy and Lindy Hop.

We've got unique vendors to support, including Kaespo Creative, Prairie Couture (YES!, you'll have a chance at buying the dresses from the runway after the show), and Reborn Barns

Are you in love with our promo shots as much as we are? Well, Breanne from Breanne Marie Photography will be on site to take your professional photo by donation. Where will your donation go?

Finally, take a seat and watch our Multi-Generational Fashion Show. See women in their 20-30-40-50-and 60's walk the runway and rock two different looks.

We are so excited to share this night with you. If you've purchased tickets, please keep an eye out for your tickets to arrive in the mail 2-3 days after purchase or you can select to pick up at Will Call. 


Boho & Snow Dream Team

Hair: Rose & Onyx, St. Albert
Makeup: Allure by Chelsea & Tall White Latte Kassie Harvey, St. Albert
Photographer: Breanne Marie Photography, St. Albert 
Marketing & Promotional: Kaespo Design, St. Albert 
Styling & Clothing: California Moonrise, Montreal & 
Prairie Couture, St. Albert Videographer: LifeSong Films, St. Albert



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