California MoonRise

California MoonRise

I've been trying to find the right message to send about this Canadian Boho brand, and I think I may have found the right words. 

After searching high and low for a bohemian Canadian brand unsuccessfully, I came across California MoonRise (CMR) on a sale rack at The Bay believe it or not.

California MoonRise is today’s go-to brand for the latest nomad indie trends and vintage folk collections for young women that want to make a statement. 

Founded in Montreal, Quebec in the Spring of 2015, California MoonRise was born from a collaboration of artists and designers from Montreal to California and across the globe. The Nomad Art House is known as a modern-day gypsy-inspired creation that reflects their personal style and fuels their lives’ passions. Their clothes are created for a timeless trendy vintage folk look and proudly showcase the beauty of the heart and soul. 

I met with the brand rep and knew I had to carry this line in our store.  After placing our first order, I reached out to CMR on Instagram.  I'm still so new to this industry, and good thing I don't necessarily know the "rules" because I asked them if they'd donate a gift to our Ambassadors Christmas Swag Bags. Not only did they donate, but they also made postcards with discount codes for our shoppers, sent us a hundred scarves for anyone who made a purchase, and there it is.  Over the course of the last 18 months, I have become friends with friends with Sylvie who is the head designer. Sylvie is from Montreal, she hustles hard, is an incredibly talented designer, she sells like no other and she builds relationships.  Sylvie has my back and boy do we have hers. 

Please come in to see all of our California Moonrise arrivals. These bohemian styles can be worn by many generations.  My mother looks just as good in CMR as do our Jr. Ambassadors. 

We carry sizes XS-XL. CMR is True-To-Size, however, know that Bohemian styles are freer, they are flowy and don't stick to your body. 

California Moonrise has sponsored many of our events, here are some of our favourite moments. Do you own some pieces? Use the #CMRbabe and #CMRAroundTheGlobe for your chance to be featured! 

California Moonrise Summer Solstice    California Moonrise Summer Solstice

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