Designer Spotlight: EMMY DEVEAUX

Designer Spotlight: EMMY DEVEAUX

I was in fan-girl heaven last week when I went into the EMMYDEVEAUX Showroom in Edmonton, Alberta. I was first introduced to the line when they were popped up at RAAS at West Edmonton Mall. My mom and sister both purchased items from her pop-up. I started following along after my sister attended one of their open meetings and she told me that Emily, the owner was amazing and that I needed to follow her journey on social media.  I've been watching her stories and seeing her fabulous dresses, and one day, with some serious shopper instinct, I purchased my first EMMYDEVEAUX piece. A black tank bodycon dress. I say the first piece because once I met with Emily at her Showroom it was game over. 

I was greeted by Emily the very next day for a private appointment and shown around her incredible building. We sat and chatted in her showroom for a while and then got down to business. I tried on the dress (in grey) first and it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. As soon as I put it on, I instantly felt good.  And then I put on the heels she gave me, and wow...just wow.  I have not felt that confident in a dress in a very long time.  Don't get me going about her stance on body positivity, because she won't stand for body shaming. Which is such a beautiful thing in itself. 

I didn't try on just one piece. I tried on about 6. and I LOVED THEM ALL. Every piece fit so nicely and more importantly, made me feel great. Confident. Sexy. Comfortable. Safe. Fashionable.  Imagine starting your day putting on a dress that made you feel that way. Upon leaving the store I thought about clearing out my closet and starting from scratch. The basics. And by basics, I mean every single piece that EMMYDEVEAUX makes.  

My experience shopping with her was far superior to any expectations that I had. Once I got home, I messaged her immediately. I needed to share this product with my customers because it got me excited.  It's so easy to sell a piece that you are personally passionate about. The clothing is amazing, and so is the owner Emily! I want and need to support these types of local entrepreneurs. 

What makes EMMYDEVEAUX clothing so attractable and why you need these basics in your wardrobe:

Founder, Emily, knows fit and fabric like none other. Throughout her career as a personal shopper and a retail and real estate expert, she has come to know how to dress women’s bodies to make them feel powerful and confident. Emily uses her knowledge of fabric and fit to maximize the number of different body shapes and sizes that will fit into their pieces!

EMMYDEVEAUX basics are also a double layer of fabric. The purpose of the double layer is to contour the body and smooth cellulite and bumps, we are women, we all have it! Their pieces are high quality, washable and will last you a long time. That combination is hard to find!

We've started with the Tank Bodycon Midi dress - check out our posts and see how we've styled it with other items from Prairie Couture. I've worn it long as a midi, tea-length and mini. I've worn it with crop tops, kimonos and blouses. Paired it with heels, booties and knee highs. This dress is SO versatile. 

Emmy Deveaux Bodycon Dress

Bodycon Dress


EMMYDEVEAUX launched her label in February 2018 after leaving her position with the University of Alberta as the Executive Director of the School of Retailing.

Her long work hours and lifestyle meant busy days with usually multiple outfit changes. She set out to develop high quality, comfortable, yet contemporary clothing label for busy women on the go.

The Body Collection was born, focusing on one particular fabric with every piece featuring two layers. This allows women to feel comfortable and covered but still accentuate their curves.

Emily's goal is to make women feel great and encourage them to think positively about themselves. Emily is a size 16 yet everyone constantly comments on her confidence, she believes a Confident Woman is a Powerful Woman....and a lot of the time that confidence starts in the closet.

And this too! (You can see why I have a major girl crush on her)

Taken from their website: ***On a global scale, over 28 billion pounds of textiles and clothing are found in landfills. In North America alone, 9.5 million tonnes of clothing are sent to the landfill. This is a result of the clothing industry moving toward fast-fashion, with retailers having to keep up with 6-9 different collections each year. Within these seasonal collections, the pieces that don't sell will be sold to a third party and eventually end up in a landfill or even worse burned.

We are committed to being a NO INVENTORY WASTE company. This means that our products do not follow trends or seasons and therefore we will carry the same basic black dress next year as we do this year.

Bodycon Dress Emmy Deveaux Prairie Couture

Please come in to see us and try one on for yourself or get it online. 

Our store hours are:

Saturday/Sunday/Monday: By appointment only (587)873-3950

Tuesday/Wednesday: 11:00 am to 4:00 pm

Thursday: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Friday: 11:00 am to 4:00 pm


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