Feature Artist: Ali~ HELIX & HIDE

Feature Artist: Ali~ HELIX & HIDE


HELIX+HIDE is a small YEG (Edmonton) jewelry business that has grown organically from a hobby. Ali began making jewelry for herself for two reasons: 
1) she was super stressed out; and 
2) she found most store-bought statement earrings were WAY. TOO. HEAVY.
...creating her own jewelry provided a much-needed creative outlet and allowed her to achieve the look she desired without the sagging earlobes.

After an 18-year career of high-stress/high-stakes government communications -- and a myriad of health-related issues that came as a result -- Ali made the decision this past spring to take a leap of faith and quit her job. Since then, Ali says, ..." the path has been bumpy and mostly uphill...but also soooooo rewarding."
***Side note: "MASSIVE shout out to my partner Matt for supporting me and our four kids"**** 

What makes HELIX+HIDE unique is that Ali uses upcycled leather and used leather scraps to create sustainable, handcrafted jewelry. Her primary philosophical drivers are to reduce consumption and to keep materials out of the landfill. So, if it's leather -- old purses, jackets, couches etc -- it's fair game. Do you have an amazing old purse or a leather jacket that you want to donate for her to create? Let her know by sending her a message on Instagram, and while you're at it, give her a follow and say hello.  She is a petite, sweet and uber creative woman.


HELIX+HIDE pieces appeal to the senses of sight, touch and smell. They are extremely wearable: showcasing natural and classic lines; beautiful textures; and the strength, grace and individuality of their owners. All HELIX+HIDE jewelry is handmade by Ali, which means there are subtle differences from piece to piece. When you buy HELIX+HIDE, you are literally getting a one-of-a-kind product.

"HELIX+HIDE is thrilled to be collaborating with the amazing Prairie Couture. "Grateful" seems like an insufficient word for how touched I am that Marina sees beauty and potential in my work. I am beyond excited to see where this partnership can take both of our growing businesses. "

Ali~ we are so proud to carry your product in our store, to have met you through social media and referrals. We believe wholeheartedly in, "Community over Competition", so welcome girl to our Community. 

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