Here I go!

If you've ever taken any personality quizzes online, or through work, you'll understand when I say I am a yellow.  Or a Green.  Or  that my TV character is Samantha Jones from Sex & the City.

I love adventure and freedom.  I enjoy change, challenges.  I have a new business idea daily.  I mean multiple times a day.  This is the one I chose to pursue.  So here it is.  Prairie Couture came about from a love to shop. Shopping for my family was a way to go out and bond.   

Friends have told me for years that I should use this passion to good use.  Help others find great quality goods at bargain prices.  

Step 1: Logo! Our friends over at worked with me to create a beautiful logo. My thought process was that if I had a logo that was paid for, the rest would HAVE to come after! 

Step 2: Clothing & Jewelry.  We have a trip to LA booked over Christmas to meet with some potential apparel and jewelry lines...eeek! I have no clue what I am doing, but am confident that it will work out.  

Step 3: Duh! Trailer.  We have found a 32 foot Streamliner but can't access it until the snow melts...which at this rate is soon.  A very mild Winter in Alberta this year :) So in March, expect to see a lot of pictures of my blood, sweat and tears.  Thank goodness my husband and father are handy. 

Step 4: Storage.  My basement is already being filled with AMAZING products that I just can't wait to share with y'all.  

My intent was to try to stay as local as possible, and I have some incredibly talented people and companies from right here in Alberta & Western Canada  that we will be showcasing and selling ~ and, have I found some exciting lines to share with you from around the world! 


Stay tuned to see what is coming to Prairie Couture, you are going to want to hit up every rodeo, fair and festival in Alberta to chase down our stuff!!! 

So excited to start this next project~ 




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  • Lynne Z on

    Way to follow your passion Marina! This is going to be a beautiful adventure.

  • Tina McKinnon on

    I LOVE your drive and passion! Good luck in this journey!!

  • Amy Gamache on

    Marina! Excellent blog post! I can’t wait to see your stuff!

  • Megan B on

    LOVE! Awesome post and I am so excited for you. Muah ❤️ #firstcommentever

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