Western Boho Style's 6 Must-Have Pieces

Western Boho Style's 6 Must-Have Pieces

I love the look of Western-Boho, but how do I pull it off?

With the Calgary Stampede, Edmonton Folk Musoc Fest and so many other incredible events in Alberta we want to give you some help. I have always loved bohemian and western fashion, so naturally, when designing our Private Label for Prairie Couture, I wanted to be able to intertwine and make the two collide. I've always found it difficult to layer without feeling silly, or unsure that "I've done it right", so I've created this to help you! 

Here are 6 pieces that are required to pull off the Western-Boho look. 

#1. Maxi Skirt 

You'll want a maxi skirt.  A solid coloured one is a great base piece and can be built upon with a lot of colours and textures on top. If you've chosen a patterned maxi skirt, then you'll want to build your outfit with solid tops or patterns that compliment.  We chose to pair ours with a simple graphic tank. 

Pleated Maxi Skirt, Boho, Boho Fashion

 #2. Jewelry

How can you do boho without layers upon layers of jewelry?! You just can't! The great thing is you probably won't need to buy anything new.  Just like layering your clothing for a great boho look, layering jewelry is just the same. Try on different lengths, patterns and shapes. You can find some amazing pieces at Estate sales, thrift shopping or trade with friends.  If that doesn't work, then we've got you covered! I love to add in turquoise because it's the go-to Western jewelry and goes so beautifully with a boho look.  


 #3. Belt

Boho styles are very oversized and flowy, the Western styles know how to emphasize your waist. It's the perfect pairing. If you want to show your curves that are beneath the layers, then get yourself a belt. Some of my favourites have been found while thrift shopping, although we do have a great selection in our store priced between $14 and $69. 

Belt, Boho Fashion, Boho Style, Western Boho

#4. Lace Slip Dress

Wearing the lace slip dress is the soft seduction of boho. It adds such a feminine, soft touch to any outfit.  Whether you grunge it up with all black, or use it over multi-mixed patterns, it instantly brings a feminine touch to your look. These can be worn over jeans, patterned pants, and tunics. 

Layer, Boho Style, Lace Slip Dress, Summer of Love Lace Dress

#5 Embroidery & Embellishments

This is an insanely hot trend that is not going anywhere anytime soon.  From runway to the street, these jackets are being seen all over. Colourful detailed jackets with bohemian colours and design can be styled as your top layer and we just ***love*** these ones from Summer of Love. 

Embroidery Embellished jackets, bohemian style


#6 Kimono & Duster

I honestly don't know what I wore before finding Dusters and Kimonos. Last year California Moonrise sent me an incredible duster and I received so many compliments on it that I decided these had to be my go-to piece of clothing. Now I've got so many that it's hard to decide which one to wear on any given day. If you wear a kimono, it would have to be a top layer because of the large arms.  Make sure your base layer is fitted or belted to show your shape, otherwise you'll look like you're wearing a sack of potatoes (words my Grandmother used to say). It can easily dress up any outfit, like a simple slip dress, a t-shirt and jean shorts or use it to add patterns. We've got lots to choose from. 

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Dressing in layers is a tough style to master, but with practice, patience and Pinterest, it can be done very well! Follow us on Pinterest, we've created a board just for inspiration on layering that can be found here!

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