New Year ~ Setting Goals

New Year ~ Setting Goals

I have always been a goal setter.  As a competitive figure skater and soccer player growing up, I always had a goal. To be able to master a certain element (for me that was the Biellmann Spin), to win a competition or beat that Southwest United team.  I learned to make micro goals to meet my end target.  Because of years of training, I carried that into my adult life.  It's much easier for me to work towards small wins.  And that is exactly what I am doing with Prairie Couture.  

I've created my vision boards, determined what image I want to bring to my clients.  A mixture of boho style, free and flowy fabrics, and feminine lace and floral. 

As I am so new to this, my method of finding these products is likely unconventional, but I go to social media.  I spend HOURS scouring Instagram.  When I find a line of clothing that I am hopeful to bring to Prairie Couture, I simply contact them.  I tell them about our unique business.  The fashion truck.  Mobile store. Pop up shop.  I ask if they do wholesale selling and that's where it all begins.  

I am so overwhelmed by how supportive people have been of this business model.  In 2014 there were nearly 500 fashion trucks across the USA.  I am still unsure how many fashion trucks operate in Canada, I've followed every single one I can find and there are less than 50.  It's still very new to the Canadian market. 

You're likely asking why? Why did I want to start a fashion truck versus a traditional brick and mortar store front? Cost.  I have a full time job, and two small companies already.  I am a wife and a mother. I was so afraid to take the plunge.  Rent is a huge cost and filling a large store with merchandise was daunting for me.  That's when I came across the idea for a mobile store.  We searched online for Airstreams which were VERY pricey.  Between $10-30,000 and most of those still needed to be converted into retail space.  I was fortunate enough to come across a 32 foot Streamliner for $2500.  In March we will focus on converting that space and have set aside $3000 to do that.  I'm still in the process of determining how we can maximize space and make it a comfortable and unique shopping experience.  


There have been a lot of wins so far though.  We've already started selling online.  I've collaborated with an apparel line from Texas to create 4 unique to Prairie Couture t-shirts for our Alberta clientele.  I've contacted over 20 apparel lines.  Booked a trip to L.A. in March to meet with wholesalers. I've been disappointed by being turned down by a couple too.  We haven't met the image for their branding.  But that hasn't stopped me.  

I'm a part of a group of female entrepreneurs on Facebook called Heart & Hustle founded by Nicole Duff who is a creative business coach and owner of Mood Design Studio.  Nicole has been a huge help to me, offering guidance and support.  And she's not the only one.  I have a few friends who own successful companies of their own who are always quick to help, to answer questions and offer support and for that, I am so incredibly grateful!

 Here are 9 Goal setting tips for 2017:

  • Review the previous year and your previous goals and objectives.
  • Make sure your goal setting is SMART.
  • Write down your 2017 goals and objectives.
  • Create a plan to reach your life goals.
  • Break your goal apart into smaller goals.
  • Keep track of your goal setting progress and make changes (if needed).
  • Find small ways to stick to your goals
  • Find ways to motivate yourself when setting goals.
  • Make reaching your goal a friendly competition.

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And so, I will take these micro-steps to learn the Beillmann, stretch daily, push myself beyond what I thought was possible, practice and finally master! 


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Marina, I am so proud of you! This looks and sounds amazing! I’ll put this out there and maybe things will make their way this side of the country! xoxo

Sandra Churchill

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